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Sketchfest co-founder & all-around funny girl Janet Varney

I’ve always liked Janet Varney, who I knew almost exclusively from her work with Thrilling Adventure Hour, but once someone made the connection for me (last year or the year before, I think) that she was one of the co-founders of SF Sketchfest, my admiration for her ratcheted up quite a few notches. So she’s super funny and likeable and charming and kind of a badass producer too? So cool! So this year when I was perusing the schedule, I saw that she was doing a live podcast (The JV Club, it’s called) with Matt Nathanson, Rachel Dratch, and Jon Hamm? Hell yeah! I’d been trying to get to a Rachel Dratch appearance at Sketchfest for at least a year or two, and Jon Hamm is so fun when he’s in comedy mode (which I’d not yet seen live, either). I immediately put in my request and hoped I’d get to cover the show. And the next thing I knew, there I was, at Brava Theater Center, last Saturday afternoon with a great seat, just in time for the house lights to go down. (more…)